The one time my memory fails me


Photographic proof: uncanny, eh?

Does anyone actually remember being pregnant?

I mean, I accept that I was – there is photographic evidence (and indeed a child) to prove it. I remember moaning about the heat, my feet, my back and heartburn, and I remember wearing bigger clothes for 6 months. I remember going down to the hospital for appointments, not drinking wine for 9 months, avoiding cheese and rare steak, sushi and uncooked eggs (although I do that as standard…raw eggs have never really appealed). Continue reading

Jog-on, whingebags!



This little nugget of news has been doing the rounds on social media this week – a breastfeeding Mum sat to feed her baby in a US Starbucks when a woman complained loudly to staff. She asked if they could “…get that woman to stop doing that in public? It’s disgusting.” But instead of doing what was being asked, the barista offered the Mum a free refill, a voucher for a free drink and said “I’m sorry you had to deal with such unpleasantness today.” Touché!

Continue reading

Lies, damn lies and statistics



I read. Might just be Twitter or Facebook, might be a blog or a website and, if I’m feeling grown up, it might be a newspaper.

I also listen; to the media, and certainly to my friends.

Never has this little concoction been more dangerous than in pregnancy and the first 6 months of parenthood, when I was so tired, delirious and (as a knock-on effect) irrational, that I took any bit of baby-related information as gospel. Here are the 7 pearls of wisdom I wish I had taken with a pinch of salt. Continue reading

The good, the bad and the car dealership


Why is good customer service so remarkable?

We are away on our first family holiday. All packed up and ready to go we set off to Costa del Somerset and made it all the way to, ahem, Newport before the air con system on our 5-week old car failed. Again. In the 5 weeks we have had this car, it has been back to the dealership 3 times, and for a week of those 5 it has holidayed with their service team in an attempt to get it fixed. Call me a fuss-pot, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect cold air to come out of the vents when its 25 degrees outside. Continue reading

The start of something wonderful?


So here it is. My shiny new blog. Ramblings and nonsense of a mummy blogger blagging her way through each week as a new(ish) mum.

Before I go on, I want to make two promises:

1) All those guidebooks to babies, all those ‘how to create the perfect child in five easy steps’, all those preachy blogs and know-it-all mums – I hate them. I promise not to be one of those.

2) Our daughter is undoubtedly our biggest achievement and we will never take for granted how lucky we are to have her. But there seems to be a secret code of parenthood which means keeping the candid stuff quiet and instead declaring nothing but the good stuff. I promise to be honest, whatever kind of day I’m having.

Before I signed up to 24/7 Disney Junior, I spent my working days writing in one form or another. So I thought I’d start it up again, this time writing about things that genuinely interest me, catch my attention, make me happy or are so random that you’ll know I am sleep deprived.

And in years to come, I’d like to give my daughter something to read that isn’t The Gruffalo or, for the millionth time, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

So here goes. Read, smile, comment, enjoy. x